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Frequently Asked Questions



Q.   How to run PlayMusic?

A.   Click PlayMusic in the Finale's Plug-ins menu or one of its submenus. 


Q.   How to know that PlayMusic is running?

A.   After you run PlayMusic, the vertical cursor appears at the beginning of the first visible measure. It will indicate the current position on the score while PlayMusic is running. The Finale's status bar (if it is not hidden) also displays  information about the progress of PlayMusic.


Q.   How to call the PlayMusic's help?

A.   Simply press key <F1> on your computer's keyboard and PlayMusic Help window will appear  in the left part of the screen.


Q.   Can I open the Finale’s menus while PlayMusic is running?

A.   No, first you need to terminate PlayMusic. 


Q.   How to terminate PlayMusic?

A.   Press key <Esc> or click the Finale’s close button (Finale will not be closed after that single click). 



Q.   Why after I press keys on the MIDI keyboard, the cursor moves, but there is no sound?

A.   Open MIDI\Audio menu and check selection of item “Play Finale through MIDI”.


Q.   Why after I press keys, the cursor doesn’t move (and no sound)?

A.   Select your MIDI input device via MIDI\Audio ->Device Setup ->MIDI Setup



Q.   Can I play a score pressing the same key? 

 Yes, but it seems more comfortable to play pressing alternately the same two keys.


Q.   How to play grace notes and ornaments (trills, mordents, gruppetto)?

A.   You should play a music score ignoring the symbols of grace notes and ornaments, because PlayMusic plays them automatically. The same applies to arpeggios.


Q.   Can I play the ensemble or orchestral scores?

A.    If a score contains the piano part, you can play only it. Otherwise, you can play all instrumental parts (without vocal and chorus parts).



Q.   Can I scroll  the score or switch pages while PlayMusic is running?

A.    Yes. If the current measure remains visible, the cursor will be set at the beginning of that measure. Otherwise, it will be placed at a first visible measure.


Q.   How to move the PlayMusic's cursor using the computer mouse?

A.   The left button click within any measure puts the cursor at the beginning of that measure.


Q.   How to move the cursor pressing the keys of the computer's keyboard?

A.    Key <Home> puts the cursor at the start measure of the score.
       Key <End > puts the cursor at the end measure of the score.
       Left Arrow key moves the cursor to the previous measure or to the beginning of the current measure.
       Up Arrow key moves the cursor to the previous staff system or to the beginning of the current staff system (only for Page View).
       Right Arrow key moves the cursor to the next measure.
       Down Arrow key moves the cursor to the next staff system (only for Page View).


Q.   How to register PlayMusic?

A.   It's needed to enter your name and license code into PlayMaster registration dialog. You will receive the license code by the reseller immediately after the money transfer. 


Q.   What about a trial period?

A.    You have 30 days from date of installation to register PlayMusic on your computer. During this period, from time to time, you will be prompted to do so when you launch PlayMusic. If registration is not completed within fourteen days, its functionality may be partially limited until you choose to register. 


Q.   How PlayMusic's functionality will be limited?

A.   The sound may be gradually disappear when you play the last measures of the score.


Q.   Is there Mac version of PlayMusic?

A.   Now PlayMusic is available only for Windows.


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